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Last update  Feb 23, 2017
Start date
of the project
Feb 18, 2017
on the site
Total investmented amount
$ 17358.00
Total withdrawal
$ 8696.56
Called funds
$ 3697.00
$ 1907.26
$ 31.00 (KILLER_JOE)
$ 47.53 (ItinerantPulsar)
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Questions and Answers
about VIP Inc
What to do if your password from your personal account does not fit?
I want to invest but i haven't any E-wallet. What shall I do?

You can create your Perfect Money E-Wallet there

You can create your Payeer E-Wallet there

You can create your QIWI E-Wallet there

You can create your free BitCoin E-Wallet there

What is the minimum amount for deposit and withdrawal in VIP Inc?
What is the maximum amount for opening a deposit in VIP Inc?

The maximum amount of deposit is $ 121 392. This amount is due to technical limitations. Regarding the contribution of larger amounts please contact the support.

Is it possible to make deposit via PerfectMoney (example) and withdraw profit and principal to the another payment system?

No, it is impossible.Profit and return of funds credited to the payment system, to which a deposit has been made.

How long the withdrawal of funds from the VIP Inc project takes?

Funds delivers from the service automatically, the money withdraws to the payment system purse from which the deposit was made within 24 hours. Usually the output does not take more than 1 hour.

What I have to do if I am not receiving notification by e-mail?

You have to check mailbox spam section; to check correctness of provided e-mail adress. If problem won't be solved contact our support team immediately.

In what mode the VIP Inc support team works?

VIP Inc support service is available from 04:00 until 22:00 (UTC), without breaks and days off.

What does the phrase "Waiting for payment" in the circle means while opening my deposit?

This means that the system is waiting for confirmation of the payment of the deposit, then the circle will activate in time. During the time of activation the super-profits can not be assessed, the percentages of guaranteed income will be credited 24 hours after the activation of the deposit.

What abilities are provided to attract partners?

The personal account has all the necessary materials and tools such as: statistics, referral link, banners of different sizes, the yield calculator.

Shall I make a deposit in order to participate in the affiliate program and start investor inviting?

No, any member registered in VIP Inc. can immediately start working with the service, inviting active investors and benefit from 2% to 5% of the referral deposit..

How to withdraw referral rewards?

Referral rewards goes to the account balance and the balance available for withdrawal at any time, all referral fees can be viewed in the "history of operations”

Is there the withdrawal fee?
What if the answer to my question is not found in this section?